Blow Drying Men’s Hair – A How To Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Blow Drying Men’s Hair

So you want to learn how to use a blow dryer without looking like Ace Ventura. Well, you’ve come to the right place. A good blow-dry is a game-changer for your look, and a great way to show that you actually put some effort into your appearance. Before we get into it – you need to shower first. 

So get in the shower and rinse out any product from the day before, then meet us below before you dry your hair. 

Blow Drying Men’s Hair – The Process

Step One: Wash and Towel Dry Your Hair

The first thing you want to do now that your hair is clean and wet is to gently dry it with a towel. The keyword in that sentence is gently. Don’t ruffle the towel on your head like you do when you dry off your dog. Simply blot the towel on your head until your hair is no longer soaking wet. 

Step Two: Comb Out the Tangles

Once your hair is merely damp, it’s time to comb out any tangles. Use a comb, preferably a vented brush. The larger spaces between the hard bristles will loosen up the strands, and de-frizz any unruly grow-outs.

Blow Drying Men’s Hair – Pro Tip: Use a wide tooth comb if your hair is curly

If your hair is curly, use a wide tooth comb to gently untangle any knots. Don’t use a brush, as it will make your hair frizzy and hard to manage.

Step Three: Protect Your Hair With Heat-Protectant Product

Now that your hair is damp and free of tangles, you need to protect it from the heat of the blow dryer. Apply a heat-activated mousse to keep your hair from being fried by the blow dryer. 

Heat protectant products with ingredients like humectants (like panthenol and propylene glycol), which preserves moisture and blocks frizz; amino acids (like keratin), to strengthen hair and provide antioxidants; and natural oils and extracts (like aloe), which protect and seal the hair’s cuticle. 

Be sure to use enough product to cover every strand of hair, and apply from root to tip. Stay away from products that contain toxic ingredients like:

  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  • Polyethylene Glycol aka PEGs.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).
  • Phthalates
  • Dimethicone
  • Triethanolamine
  • Alcohol
  •  PVP/ VA Copolymer

Step Four: Set the Blow dryer to Medium Heat

You’re almost to the fun part but before you pull the trigger on that blow dryer, turn down the heat to medium, and crank up the power. The idea is to dry your hair in a warm breeze, not fry it in an airfryer. This blow dryer is straight forward, easy to use, and a great choice for guys on a budget.  

Step Five: Position the Blow Dryer 6–8 Inches From Your Hair

Finally! It’s time to flip the switch on your blow dryer, and aim it at your head. Keep the dryer moving at a distance of six to eight inches from your scalp to evenly distribute the heat. This is very important. Don’t get too close to your scalp, or keep the dryer in one place for too long, or you risk damaging your hair. 

Step Six: Use the Air to Push Your Hair Where You Want it to Lay

Remember, the general ideal of blow drying your hair is to get it to dry as near to the style you want. If you want a swooping pompadour, you need to blow the hair up, and use a rounded brush to shape it into place. That means you’re going to periodically halt the blow drying to comb your hair, and coach it into position. 

Blow Drying Men’s Hair – Pro Tip: Target the Roots First

The base of your hair is where you have the most control over your style. So target the roots of your hair first as you dry. The same goes for the mouse, and styling product. Start at the roots, and move up. 

Step Seven: Use your Fingers to Gently Lift the Hair in the Front

Angle the blow dryer up from beneath your hairline so the air pushes your hair upward. Then use your fingers to gently lift and tug the hair at the front of your crown upward while you dry it. This will create a natural lift and add volume to the front of your hair.

To give your hair more volume, angle the airflow upward from underneath. To give your hair less volume, angle the airflow downward. This will push the hair downward and help it set closer to your crown.

Step Eight: Flip Your Hair Forward And Blow Dry It From the Back

Your hair should be almost entirely dry now. Flip your hair forward and blow dry it from underneath. Focus the blow dryer on the crown of your head first, and use fingers to gently tug your hair up at the root while drying to add volume to fine hair, and create a more natural, textured look. 

Step Eight: Finish Your Look

Congratulations! Now you know how to blow dry your hair. If you were going for the all natural look, you’re done. Go to work. If you prefer a more professional look, it’s time to style your hair with a pomade, or shaping paste. Both can be used in wavy or curly hair for shine and separation.

Pro Tip: If Your Hair is Thin, Try Pomade. If It’s Oily, Try Wax

If your hair is naturally oily, use wax instead of pomade, as pomades contain oil that will make your hair even oilier. If your hair is thin, try a pomade. If it’s thicker, try a wax, but don’t use too much product, as this can make your hair appear heavy and greasy.

Blow Drying Men’s Hair – Pro Tip: Browse Barber Blogs for How To Instruction and Style Tips

There is a plethora of helpful men’s hair care info, How To articles at Goodman’s Barber Lounge. Check out the 10 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles from the Windy City if you’re looking to change up your look, or perfect your current style. 

Visit the Pros for More Tips

If you’ve followed all of our hair care tips, and you’re still struggling to get your hair to cooperate, you might just need to visit the barber. A barber will help you texture and layer the hair so that it sits better, responds to your commands, and poofs out less. 

If you want to manage that mane of yours, drop by Goodman’s Barber Lounge in Chicago’s own River North neighborhood for full straight razor shaves, pedicures, manicures, facials, and scalp treatment. and more.