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It was my first time a Goodman’s today. I had never had a fresh shave from anyone, so I spoiled myself with a razor shave, and Facial. I booked online, and ended up with Yousef. He was quiet, but extremely friendly. I am hairstylist as well, so it was nice to sit there, getting pampered without the small talk. When I tell you, it was one of the nicest experiences I have ever had, that is an understatement. Yousef started with my razor, beard clean up. I was scared, knowing he could cut my Jugular at any moment. Lol. I trusted him completely. He was gentle, and made me feel very comfortable. After the shave, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t want to get a facial in front of Chicago Av in broad daylight. I was surprised when he brought me to an extremely calming spa/type space. I was relaxed, and at ease. He is the man! The facial was rejuvenating, and so relaxing. He could be a little heavier handed though(I love a deep scrub), but it was completely relaxing. After What seemed like 7 rounds of hot towels on my face,(loved every minute), I passed out. It’s hard for me to calm down, always anxious. This beautiful place made me feel at ease. I work at a 5 star hair salon, and we pride ourselves on customer service, and professionalism. I walked out of this amazing space wondering if we should team up. Lol. I can’t rememeber the last time I have a top notch service like that. 20/10, unbelievable. I’m so glad I found this Beaut! Also Yousef, you are GREAT at what you do.

Jim C.

This is an elite barber shop. I have tried many different barbers, shops, salons, etc in years of living in Chicago and Goodman’s is the best service/quality for the price that you can possibly get. Yaya is deeply committed to client satisfaction, as is the rest of the staff, who always go out of their way to provide the fine details for your cut. You will not receive the same level of care or attention at another barber – I can tell you that!

Carlos H.

All the guys in there are really really nice, they give amazing cuts with attention to detail and it’s so much more affordable. Bravo!!

Darell M.