Tips for Men’s Hair Care in Winter

Men’s Hair Care Tips: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

It doesn’t matter if you spend your time indoors, or if you like to rough it outside, the winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. If you’re anything like most men, you’ve got shampoo, conditioner and a bar of soap in your shower, and not much else. But those won’t save your hair from the cold winter air.This guide to men’s  hair care in winter has the grooming tips and advice you need to fend off the cold-weather assault on your scalp.

Keep the Hot Showers to a Minimum

A really hot shower might feel good in the cold weather, but it actually dehydrates your skin and hair, literally cooking the moisture out of your scalp. It’s best to temper the use of hot water on your skin, and keep the temperature of your shower in the “warm” range.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

According to Rami Natour, master barber of Goodman’s Barber Lounge, “Men should wash their hair every other day — washing daily can create overactive oil glands which can cause buildup and hair loss.”

His statement is especially true in the winter months when there is an abundance of cold, dry air to dehydrate your scalp and hair. It’s best to shampoo your hair two or three times a week to prevent your hair from drying out too much.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Now that you have the timing and temperature down, it’s time to talk about shampoo and conditioner. To best care for your hair in winter, use shampoo and conditioner that add moisture and give your hair a sleek shine.

Simply massage the shampoo into your scalp, rinse thoroughly and let the shampoo moisturize your scalp and keep dandruff at bay. Afterwards, use a conditioner to add moisture and lock it in to your scalp. During winter we recommend that you use a deep conditioner and a leave in treatment especially for those who live in Northern climates.

Don’t Forget Your Beard

The hair on your face is just as important and sensitive to the winter weather as the hair on your head. For insight on winter beard care, we again turn to Master Barber of Goodman’s Barber Lounge in Chicago, Rami Natour.

“A beard requires maintenance. Shampoo and condition once a week with special beard shampoo/conditioners, as the sulfate ingredient is lower in these vs. hair products. Also apply beard balms or oils daily to keep it moisturized. The longer the hair is, the drier the skin underneath, so these will all help you grow a healthy beard and reduce itchiness and irritation.”

Dry Your Hair Correctly

Now that you’re out of the shower, it’s time to dry your hair. Since your hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, you want to avoid simply rubbing the towel all over your scalp to get the water off. That damages the hair follicles and can lead to frizziness and split ends.

Drying your hair the correct way calls for you to use your hands to shake water from your hair in the direction it naturally grows, then letting it air dry before gently rubbing your hair with a towel. If you don’t have time to let your hair air-dry, then you should blow dry it with the cool setting. For extra credit on this assignment, use pre-styling spray or a leave-in conditioner before blow drying.

Wear a Hat (But Not a Tight One)

It might not play well with your style, but wearing a hat to protect your scalp is one of the best ways to care for your hair in the winter. That said, tight-fitting hats can lead to traction alopecia, when the hair is literally pulled from your scalp. If it happens often enough, the damage to your hair can be permanent.

Use Quality Men’s Hair Care Products

Cheap hair care and styling products are loaded with chemicals that weaken your hair, and dry out your scalp. Be sure to use quality products that hold your style throughout the day, and keep your hair healthy in spite of the winter weather.

Key Men’s Hair Care Tip: Be Healthy

Though the holidays can make it a challenge to stay healthy during the winter months, your overall health is essential to keeping your hair healthy and looking great. Be sure to eat healthy foods, exercise, and to drink plenty of water: your hair will thank you by being strong, shiny and healthy.

Don’t Skip Your Haircut

Ultimately, the best thing a gentleman can do for perfect men’s hair care is to see a barber regularly. Far from just a haircut, your barber will remove damaged hair, mitigate split ends, and recommend useful products to keep your skin, beard and hair looking their best.

If you want to look your best no matter the time of year, drop by Goodman’s Barber Lounge in Chicago’s own River North neighborhood for full straight razor shaves, pedicures, manicures, facials, shoe shines and more.