Tips For Men’s Hair Care In Summer

Look Sharp This Summer With These Summer Hair Care Tips For Men

It’s Summer in Chicago, which means it’s time to climb out of the man cave you’ve been hiding in and get a haircut. While you’re at it, you should read this summer hair care guide for men. It has all the men’s summer hair care tips you need to look your best.

Hair Care Question: How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy In Summer?

The best way to keep your hair healthy in summer is to care for it the same way you would care for your garden. Just like your garden, the hair on your head is growing, and subjected to the harsh rays of the sun, high temperatures, and frequent humidity. 

If you want your garden, and your hair to look their best during the summer months, you have to provide them with moisture, protection from the sun, and avoid crazy chemicals. Let’s start with how to protect your hair from the sun:

Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage – Sun Hair Care Tips

Summer temperatures combined with ultraviolet rays from the sun can leave your hair feeling straw-like and unhealthy. Don’t forget the sweat and dust that clogs the pores on your scalp that impact the delivery of nutrients to your hair. Your scalp can also burn in the sun, which leads to sunburn, dry hair, and scalp damage.  

How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

The easiest way to protect your hair and scalp from the sun is to wear a hat. Just make sure that it isn’t too tight on your head. Hats that are too tight around the scalp can restrict blood flow and nutrients from getting to your scalp, which can lead to premature hair loss. 

Thus, the best way to protect your hair from the sun in summer is to apply UV-filtering hair products. Like sunscreen for your hair, these formulas help protect your scalp and locks from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. While UV-filtering hair products prevent sun damage, they will also protect colored-treated hair from fading. Shop online or consult with your barber for their recommendations.

Skip the Pool (or Jump in the Shower Soon After)

Summer often means swimming pools, which are loaded with chlorine. Chlorine is like poison for your hair, but no one is going to make you wear a skin cap, or avoid swimming in the pool this summer.

 So, to avoid damage to your locks in the pool, try soaking your hair in freshwater before you take a dip. By absorbing fresh water first, your hair absorbs less chlorine afterward. You can also try applying a hair mask before swimming, which will help to lock in moisture.

Shampoo Daily

During the winter months, when the air is dry and cold, we would say that you should wash your hair every other day. However, the heat and humidity of summer often brings sweat, dirt, and dust. Sweating clogs the pores on your scalp, and makes your hair greasy.

Therefore, we recommend that you shampoo your hair daily during the summer months, as well as anytime you get dirty or sweat. 

Don’t Forget the Conditioner

Shampoo saps up much of the moisture in your hair. Therefore, you should condition your hair every time you shampoo. Doing so will add moisture back to your hair, and leave it feeling silky smooth and soft. 

Try Overnight Hair Treatments

Better yet, try a regular leave-in hair conditioner. Overnight treatment smoothed from roots to end and left overnight will help to lock in some of the hydration lost during hot days.

Take It Easy With the Blow Dryer

Your hair deals with enough heat during the summer months. Don’t fry it by over-utilizing the hair dryer. 

Switch to a Wide-Toothed Comb

Your hair is likely to be more brittle during the Summer months. Switch to a wide-mouthed comb to minimize breakage, and tugging on your scalp.

Tame the Frizz

As the weather warms; humidity and frizz become an issue. Fortunately, you can tame the frizz with a gel or styling cream that contains polymers and copolymers. These ingredients bind and seal up your hair strands to cut down on the frizz.

Keep it Trim

Truely, the best way to care for men’s hair in summer is to keep it trim, with regular trips to your barber. Though long hair is an awesome men’s style choice, it is harder to keep clean, and healthy in the summer. 

For the Best Hair Care – Visit Your Barber

No matter what the Summer brings, you will look your best if you follow these summer hair care tips for men. But your best will get better, if you visit your barber regularly. They will remove damaged hair, mitigate split ends, and recommend useful products to keep your skin, beard and hair looking their best in the warmer weather. 


If you want to look your best no matter the time of year, drop by Goodman’s Barber Lounge in Chicago’s own River North neighborhood for full straight razor shaves, pedicures, manicures, facials, shoe shines and more.