Men’s Haircuts – How Often Should Men Be at the Barber?

How often should men’s haircuts be perfected at the barber shop? It’s a common question among men with a short answer: 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and the haircut you desire. Yes, some men grow out their hair, but even longer manes need to be shaped and styled.

The perfect look requires regular maintenance. Fortunately, this gentlemen’s guide has everything you need to determine how long you should go between haircuts.

How Often Should A Man Go To The Barber

A man should go to the barber every 2-3 weeks. Other barbers might back that statement up with a rule of thumb about how fast your hair grows, but we at Goodman’s believe that a gentleman should visit a barber every 2-3 weeks, regardless of your hairstyle, or how fast your hair grows.

Why? Because every respectable gentleman has an image to keep. Your barber will help you maintain that image regardless of how fast your hair grows, the length of your beard, or how much hair you have on your head.

Mens Haircuts: Frequently Asked Questions

Though most men get their haircut every 2-3 weeks, it is ultimately up to your preference, your style, and your budget. To help you find out where you stand, we’ve answered your frequently asked questions below.

How Fast Does Men’s Hair Grow?

Human hair grows just over 1cm a month, or 0.45 millimeters per day (Bouhanna P., Dardour JC. 1996). Since genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, color and texture of hair,” there is not a lot you can do to make your hair grow gaster beyond a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet.

How Often Should I Get A Haircut When Growing Out My Hair

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to grow out your hair is to work toward your desired hairstyle with regular haircuts. In the early stages, your barber will create a shape that will help your hair grow out nicely so you look presentable during the process of growing it out.

Once your hair has grown to the desired length, your barber will advise you on how often you should get it cut, the best products to use, and how to correctly style your new hair.

At Goodman’s, our barbers worked hard throughout the years at different shops throughout Chicago to perfect their craft. They understand all hair types and will provide the insight that is essential to your hair health and growth.

How Long Should I Let My Beard Grow Before Trimming

Any barber worth their salt will tell you that beards take time, typically three to five weeks before yours truly takes shape. Most barbers recommend waiting at least four weeks before shaping your beard, lest it become lopsided.

Barbers Can Save Your Hair and Your Life

More important than your hair is your health. Barbershops are historically linked to medieval health services and dentistry, but they also help to prevent illness in men. Multiple studies have shown that barbershops promote health, and help their patrons battle hypertension, high blood-pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

For many gentlemen, their barbers are also their greatest confidant and one of the few people they trust to advise them on common grooming issues like male pattern balding, acne, and dry skin.

According to one study barbers also “play a key role in detection of early melanoma if they are trained on how to look at the skin for atypical moles and lesions while they are taking care of their customer’s hair.”

How Do You Know If Haircut Will Suit You

The best way to know if a haircut will suit you is to ask your barber. They’ll look at your face shape and the texture of your hair. They’ll help you choose a haircut based on the facial features you wish to enhance.

What Men’s Hairstyles Are In Right Now

There’s never been a better time for men’s hairstyles. From fades and undercuts, to man buns and quiffs, as long as the haircut looks good on you, it’s in right now.

For hairstyle inspiration and trending hairstyles that are suitable for you, check out the Top 10 Chicagos Men’s Hairstyles in 2021.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Visit a Barber?

Trust your instincts. If you feel scruffy and think that it might be time to get a haircut, then it’s probably time for you to visit a barber. Far from just a haircut, your barber will remove damaged hair, mitigate split ends, and recommend useful products to keep your skin, beard and hair looking their best.

If it’s time for you to get a haircut, drop by Goodman’s Barber Lounge in Chicago’s own River North neighborhood for full straight razor shaves, pedicures, manicures, facials, shoe shines and more. Taking it a step further, our membership program makes it easier for you to maintain your hair routine with recurring appointments that allows you to leave your wallet. That is one less item you have to worry about.